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November 8, 2017

I was referred to Dr. Ramstead to further assess a biopsy result of a basal cell carcinoma in my lower right eye area. His entire staff is first-rate. His office assistant Cathy is very cordial and helpful. His assistant Hannah is a very knowledgeable medical specialist. Dr. Ramstead is brilliant. He is very thorough, friendly, and has a very calm demeanor. He spends time listening to your concerns and provides a thorough response. He is one of the most considerate physicians I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank-you to the Ramstead team for your outstanding support.

November 8, 2017

I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent experience I have had with Dr. Cory Ramstead. His professionalism and caring attitude put me immediately at ease. His follow-up phone call to see how I was managing after my surgery, convinced me this is a very caring persona who's day does not end at 5, and who's care for his patient does not conclude when the surgery is over. I was very fortunate to have been recommended to him.

April 11, 2016

First, Dr. Ramstead, you have changed my life. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was in grade six, and am now into my retirement years. While the glasses/lenses helped me to see, I hated them. Glasses broke, were expensive, and contacts (hard lenses) were impossible for me; then soft lenses worked but were costly, plus needed the extras of cleaners, and solutions- more expenses. And they often ripped. I could not swim with eyes opened because I feared the contacts would wash out, which I expect was true, so I had to always wear goggles. My night vision was poor. Driving in the dark was disturbing, possible, but often frightening - I sometimes had to slam on my brakes when confronted with high beam lights.

I went into my eye surgery with great optimism. I truly looked forward to it. My cataracts were blurring my vision and affecting my night driving. And I could not have had a better surgeon than Cory Ramstead. The pre-surgery visits were informative, explicit, and reassuring. He answered all questions frankly and honestly. I felt totally prepared when I arrived at the hospital.

The surgery. First, I must say the staff at the Cowichan Hospital in Duncan are amazing. Informative, friendly, caring. I couldn't imagine a better place to undergo any procedures. And Dr. Ramstead prepares his patients well, with full details, and ongoing explanations during the surgery.

So... how did the surgeries work out for me? As I said earlier, they changed my life. I now can see clearly, not only distance vision, but also reading. I have given away my multitude of reading glasses to people who need them. I no longer need contacts. I can swim underwater without goggles. I can see while driving at night. When I wake up in the morning, I can see the time on my clock. And the positives go on.

Of course, the main kudos go to Dr. Ramstead. He is an amazing surgeon, and a very caring man. But more compliments must be given to his staff. Professional, understanding, and- let's face it- so much fun, they make visits to the office so welcome that I now feel rather sad that my time there may be over.

My best wishes, my heartfelt thanks, and my never-ending appreciation goes out to Dr. Cory Ramstead and his staff.

February 18, 2014

I am a patient of Dr. Ramstead and in consultation with him, he thoroughly explained the options of lenses and the procedure. Dr. Ramstead has a very good "bedside manner". The cataract surgery of both eyes was a great success and it is so wonderful to be able to see everything so clearly and without glasses! The follow up examinations went very well in which again Dr. Ramstead explained the progress. I consider Dr. Ramstead to be a great eye surgeon and a very personable man.